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I have two pressing projects. #1. I need to update and rebrand my training program - ICAN Coach. All our materials are out of date, and out of brands. #2. I need help updating our Website - with better marketing language and graphic designs.
9 giorni fa
You receive a PDF containing information, and use it to log into 50 job web application forms to enter the data. Please apply for job if interested.
un mese fa
Bettlach SO
Cerchiamo assistenti familiari (tate, balie a domicilio) disponibili a recarsi a Bettlach. Dopo aver condiviso il tuo profilo sul nostro sito web, potrai entrare in contatto con le famiglie che cercano un babysitting. Grazie!
un mese fa
Svizzera and I'll need the finished illustrations by the first week of Jan. This is for a 90 second video at most which will posted to the web. I hope I'm not insulting people with this price. I have no idea how much this sort of thing costs. I'm open to feedback or reality checks... 
29 giorni fa
 ...comments • Perform blog maintenance activities such as updating plugins • Write content for the blog Role could evolve into: • Analyze web analytics data to gauge content performance • Manage subscriptions, syndication, and email newsletters • Manage guest posting... 
3 giorni fa

Freelance – è un lavoro temporaneo o a distanza senza la stipulazione del contratto di lunga durata con il datore di lavoro.

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