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Lavoro Physics teacher La Côte

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I want to create a cartoon strip based off a relationship between a kid and his teacher. I have all the stories picked out. Please apply for job if interested.
11 giorni fa
I'm an English teacher trying to design a website for a virtual classroom. I need someone who can create everything from scratch. The website has to be appealing for clients. They will log in to download study material or enter the virtual classroom where a teacher will... 
12 giorni fa
The radically ordinary adventures of….Mr. Teacher and Panda! Based out of Boston, the dry humor buddy comedy book follows the adventures of the easy to anger Mr. Teacher and his best friend, a Panda. The book is a collection of one page jokes written by creators, myself... 
14 giorni fa
 ...for 3D/VR artists passionate about virtual reality, with experience in unity3d, familiarity with leap motion Orion and knowledge of physics and scripting in unity3d to create dynamic simulations. We are a small boot strapped shop in OK, working to combine the latest... 
un mese fa
 ...mechanical engineering Please READ: VENUS RISES is hard sci-fi. I do a lot of research to make sure the VR universe follows the laws of physics. Cause of how past artists have misunderstood what I mean by hard science-fiction… I feel I have to stress that this is NOT Stars... 
14 giorni fa

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