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Looking for someone to rebuild our current Homestead website making it more usable, functional, and able to draw more traffic. The person must understand SEO's and have other technical experience to maximize on driving traffic to our site using Homestead's products and ...
Vor 21 Tagen
I have a web series. We several poster images that were shot live with the real actors and models used in the series, but I also want to turn some of these posters into digital caricature art, so it's basically taking a picture I already own and recreating it as caricature... 
Vor 1 Tag
Nestlé  -  Paudex VD
 ...Min. 3 to 5 years experience in Business Intelligence background SQL Language Expert Expert in Business Object tools (mainly Web Intelligence) Experience in Power BI would be an asset Fluent in English and in French, German would be a plus Show us that... 
vor 2 Monaten

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