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Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne  -  Morges VD
 ...operational experience in companies in the start-up or growth stages of the business.Candidates must have a business qualification. Marketing experience is desirable along with strong written and communication skills, with fluency in English and French. Candidates must be... 
Vor 7 Tagen
I am looking to appoint an external resource to manage all aspects of my Social Media campaign. This will include, but not limited to FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn. The tasks will include, but not limited to, the formulation of effective campaigns, writing of content...
Vor einem Monat
Eaton Corporation  -  Morges VD
 ...quickly understand potential business impact and make strategic decisions · Industry understanding: operations, customers, suppliers, market, business climate, labor agreements. Demonstrated team and individual leadership skills. · Diversity and Inclusion skills:... 
Vor 3 Tagen
 ...video editor to help us create beautiful and transformational online content as well as to put together promotional videos to help us market our brand. Work is ongoing and we schedule in a time that works for you and the team, roughly once a month or fortnight for a... 
Vor 11 Tagen

Freelance ist die Arbeit ohne einen langfristigen Vertrag mit dem Arbeitgeber, Temporär-Arbeit, Remote-Arbeit

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