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You receive a PDF containing information, and use it to log into 50 job web application forms to enter the data. Please apply for job if interested.
Il y a un mois
I have two pressing projects. #1. I need to update and rebrand my training program - ICAN Coach. All our materials are out of date, and out of brands. #2. I need help updating our Website - with better marketing language and graphic designs.
il y a 11 jours
Lutry VD
Cerchiamo assistenti familiari (tate, balie a domicilio) disponibili a recarsi a Lutry. Dopo aver condiviso il tuo profilo sul nostro sito web, potrai entrare in contatto con le famiglie che cercano un babysitting. Grazie!
Il y a un mois
Suisse and I'll need the finished illustrations by the first week of Jan. This is for a 90 second video at most which will posted to the web. I hope I'm not insulting people with this price. I have no idea how much this sort of thing costs. I'm open to feedback or reality checks... 
Il y a un mois
 ...comments • Perform blog maintenance activities such as updating plugins • Write content for the blog Role could evolve into: • Analyze web analytics data to gauge content performance • Manage subscriptions, syndication, and email newsletters • Manage guest posting... 
il y a 5 jours

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