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Zahl der Mitarbeiter bis 3000 Mitarbeiter

We identify ourselves with our products, brands and the company, and work towards their – and our – success with enthusiasm and passion.

We are a model of authentic behaviour, aligned with our values.

That’s why we accept emotions and see them as an opportunity to grow.

With a positive spirit, optimism, a problem-solving attitude and fascination with our role, we provide each other with mutual support, even in difficult situations. Empathy and respect guide our actions.


Successful integration into the company is vital in the interests of mutual success. A structured and individual orientation plan is worked out for each new employee. In addition to the orientation plan, a mentoring programme is also an integral part of our onboarding process.

The process is completed by the HOLY FASHION GROUP College - a two-day event where employees are given a detailed insight into the functional divisions of the company and how they interact. The HOLY FASHION GROUP College also offers ample scope for developing the company’s own in-house network.


Succession and career planning takes place at an individual and standardised level at the HOLY FASHION GROUP. The knowledge, skills, employment history, main tasks and expectations of each employee form the basis for their career within the company. Together we plan which step is right for you at what time.

On an equal footing with the classical management career at the HOLY FASHION GROUP are specialist careers.

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