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Luzern -  Vor 13 Tagen  -  [ mehr über Stelle ]   -   [ Job speichern ]

Hello, We are a Spanish family and We look for a babysitter (Spanish or French is required) to stay with our 5 month old baby from 22th August to 24th in Luzern. If interested contact us to have more details. Thank you >>

Jobs: Luzern

Genf -  Vor 2 Tagen  -  [ mehr über Stelle ]   -   [ Job speichern ]

 ...excellence in high profile Wealth Management, to seek outstanding Private Banking talents for the CEE/CIS markets. Having an implicit AAA rating and assets under management in excess of CHF 50 billion, our principal is best positioned to weather the challenges of...  >>

Jobs: Genf

Ecublens -  Vor 5 Tagen  -  [ mehr über Stelle ]   -   [ Job speichern ]

 ...practices. Knowledge of build systems. Knowledge of cross platform (Linux/Android/Windows) development. Proven success in developing AAA games for major developers. Knowledge of eastern Europe development studios, and ability to lead remote developments. Comfortable working...  >>

Münchwilen (Bezirk) -  Vor 10 Tagen  -  [ mehr über Stelle ]   -   [ Job speichern ]

Per 7. September 2015 suchen wir einen / eine Regalauffüller/in Lagerist/in Ihre Tätigkeit: In dieser Funktion sind Sie verantwortlich für eine optimale Regalbewirtschaftung. Im kleinen Team sorgen Sie für volle Regale, verkaufsfördernde Umgebung und optimale Ordnung... >>

Kastanienbaum -  Vor 7 Tagen  -  [ mehr über Stelle ]   -   [ Job speichern ]

 ...size occur at the same time scale, raises questions regarding the genetic basis of adaptive traits and the need to understand the temporal dynamics of adaptive evolution. The project is aiming to study the underlying genomic changes evolving during experimental host virus...  >>

Jobs: Kastanienbaum

Zürich -  Vor 15 Tagen  -  [ mehr über Stelle ]   -   [ Job speichern ]

 ...will be particular emphasis on these processes taking place in presence of rapidly changing patterns of interactions, usually termed temporal networks. The appointed candidate must collaborate in supervising students theses, teaching activities on network-related topics...  >>

Jobs: Zürich

Zürich -  Vor 5 Tagen  -  [ mehr über Stelle ]   -   [ Job speichern ]

 ...of the unparalleled diversity found in soil at all scales. Insights concerning principles guiding microbial consortia spatial and temporal self-organization would benefit enhanced functioning of systems requiring multiple species for ecological and biomedical applications...  >>

Jobs: Zürich

Bern -  Vor 25 Tagen  -  [ mehr über Stelle ]   -   [ Job speichern ]

 ...research with electroencephalography or evoked potentials (visual evoked potentials etc.). We are interested in understanding the temporal relation of sensory input and motor output in the eye movement system and we hope to be able to modulate parameters in a clinically...  >>

Frankreich -  Vor 21 Tagen  -  [ mehr über Stelle ]   -   [ Job speichern ]

 ...scientific quality, costs), plus ensure the follow-up of the expenses accrued with the work. Assurance of scientific, budgetary and temporal follow-up of all studies under your responsibility, in order to achieve objectives, costs and deadlines. Liaising and presenting...  >>



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